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My inability to sleep has left me to rant. I wish more than anything I was born in another generation. Not in a typical white girl “I wish I was born in the 50s so I could wear a poodle skirt and date boys in leather jackets!” way, but more along the lines of a time where people were in touch with their surroundings and the simple joys of life. My generation seems to pride itself in self obsession. Whether it’s wallowing in self pity complaining about self diagnosed depression and anxiety or a fixation on spamming every social media site daily with a “selfie” and meaningless status update, our focus on ourselves has gone too far. Technology has reached it’s peak and has changed from a luxury to a necessity. Am I the only one who finds it strange that a man who cannot afford to take himself to the doctor for a cold can afford the latest and greatest smartphone? And does no one care that these phones and the apps they offer us are the primary cause for the downfall of true communication? Life can’t go on like this for much longer. My kids need to know of a life where exercise is through riding a bike and not Xbox Kinect, where hanging out with friends is done in the woods or on the driveway with chalk and skateboards - not just sitting on the couch scrolling through the same page on the internet, and most importantly, a life where the most beautiful and exhilarating experiences are not (and will never be) captured through an iPhone lens. I truly detest this world and how it’s sculpted my generation.

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I’m at such a low point in my life right now when it comes to thinking about my future. Deep down I know I need to go to college and get my degree and do what I was born to do: teach. But this other part of me is so ready to get out of my fucking house and away from all these bad vibes and just start making a living for myself, which I know will be comfortable now, but shitty when it comes to providing for a family one day. But then you have to consider that tomorrow is never promised and I may never get that chance to grow old and raise a family, so school would just be a waste of time if I keel over at 26. That’s a whole different thing, though. Gahhh someone help me.

I feel like I’m slightly interested in everything, but not truly passionate about anything.

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gf: babe, come over

me: I aint got a car

gf: but my parents aren’t home




old macdonald had a farm



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Late night thoughts

I find it repulsive and inexplicably unattractive how obsessed our generation has become with finding beauty in sadness, suffering, and loneliness. There is nothing appealing about someone whose idea of a fun Friday night is eating pizza and posting cliche lyrics from a well known pop punk band, then proceeding to document the event with overly edited pictures featuring their brewing mug of tea and long, lanky legs lost in a bubble bath with edges lined in dainty candles. Nobody wants to dispose of their precious time with a person enthralled by the idea of infinite sadness, and there is not a half educated person willing to waste their energy trying to mend a soul seemingly “broken” by today’s standards of society. How’s about instead of wallowing around in oversized sweaters and messy buns lost in your own self pity, you pick yourself up off the fucking ground and go read a novel, visit a museum, take a walk into your local greenway and appreciate nature and what’s been given to us without cost, acquire a small tent and go camping with close friends, listen to a band nobody has heard of from halfway around the globe, paint your bedroom walls, visit elderly people in a nursing home and listen to their stories of the past, learn a new language, become familiar with your town’s history, and only record these adventures through photographs for personal reference in years to come, not for the shallow and short lived popularity online. Expand your mind and allow yourself to test all it’s capable of. This generation needs to wake up and realize there’s an entire universe outside our windows that we’ve been too blinded by ourselves and our vanity to see and appreciate.

« I don’t like to talk about what hurts »

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im gonna need to see ur license and regist-  oh gosh mr washington i apologize have a nice day sir


im gonna need to see ur license and regist-  oh gosh mr washington i apologize have a nice day sir